The Princeton BEE Team

Yellow is the new Orange.

About the Princeton BEE Team

The Princeton BEE Team was founded in Fall 2009 by Michael Smith '10, with the help of Sarah Bluher '13, Kelsey Brooks '11, Dawn LaValle GS, Katie Mumma '11, and Hannah Safford '13. Just over two years later, the BEE Team is proud to look after two thriving hives in our fenced bee yard located next to West Windsor Field on Washington Road, just across from Carnegie Lake, and counts over 250 Princeton students, staff, and community members as part of the Team.

  The BEE Team's mission is to teach people about bees and beekeeping through bee-related events, classes, and lectures, as well as through hands-on work in our bee yard. We welcome interested members of all levels of experience: in fact, several of our officers had no prior beekeeping experience before becoming involved at Princeton. Most of our actual work at the hives takes place during the warmer fall and spring months, and we sponsor other events while the bees hibernate for the winter. The BEE Team's schedule varies according to our agenda and the needs of the bees, so we encourage you to join our mailing list to stay updated.

     To join our mailing list, or for questions, send a message to or, or use our convenient "Contact Us" page. You can also contact any of the BEE Team's administrators directly:

                                             Sarah Bluher '13   

                                             Dawn LaValle GS

     Nadirah Mansour '14

     Eric Penalver '13 

                                             Hannah Safford '13 

     Elizabeth Sajewski '13 

The BEE Team is excited to have you on board!