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Honey Cook-Out

Posted by Hannah Safford on November 20, 2010 at 4:51 PM

Honey, Scrabble, Guitars

by Emilly Zhu, Guest Contributor

First food-centered beekeeping event (which explains my presence :))! Baklava (alternate pronounciations include bakLAva, and baklaVA...sorry about the lack of International Phoentic Alphabet) is perhaps the best thing ever. Guitar-shaped honey cake with a cocoa finish is also nothing to "fret" over (the creator of that particular pun should perhaps be "strung" up...)

But I digress. As I walked into 2D, the warm smell of honey cake met my nose. But the cheery Scrabble game that had just begun drew me towards the dining area like a bee towards honey. Wages, Story, tiles in the meantime, however were eepuqon. Eopque? quope? No.

Thankfully, the baklava and cake were taken out of the oven during my turn, inciting a mad rush to the kitchen. The bundt cake and guitar perfection called for a Kodak moment. For me however, it was time to eat the honey treats. Which were quite effective, because after 3 pieces of baklava and outside help, I could play porn (on the scrabble board...). Which brought a drone of porn related phrases. Popoporn and Potpourri porn were perhaps the most memorable. Scrabble should perhaps expand to 101 tiles and have 3 p's so people can spell popoporn.

Scrabble proceeded as normal as possible after porn, punctuated by more batches of completed honey cake. After some time though, we all migrated to the kitchen area, forgetting, on the most part about the Scrabble game. Which is fine, because punny discussions of bees and guitars were far more humourous, and gave me a new perspective on true punstruments. 

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