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Honey Extraction 2011

Posted by Hannah Safford on August 18, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Posted by Sarah Bluher

This year's extraction was a great success!  We ended up with 5 gallons of honey, 1 more than last year. We extracted 2 medium supers from Locke hive, and 1 shallow super from Hughes hive.  Our "summer beekeepers," Josh, Irena, Tessie, Aleks, Dawn and myself, with help from Dave Wagenblast, worked hard... but not as hard as the bees!

Dave Wagenblast, a Princeton groundskeeper and beekeeper of 19 years, helped us load the frames one by one into the back of his pick-up truck to transport to Terrace.  We gave each frame a forceful bump and some vigorous brushing to get all of the bees out before transferring it to the empty super over in Dave's truck.  Then we quickly put the cover on to prevent bees from following their honey.  Thanks Dave! 

Once we got all the frames loaded in, we took the honey to Terrace, where we had our extractor set up.  Thanks to Irena and her friend for getting a hold of the extractor!  Thanks to Terrace for tolerating such a sticky situation...

The hand-cranked extractor works like a centrifuge.  You load up 2 frames at a time and spin them around to get the honey flowing out.  Honey comes out of a faucet and pours down through a strainer into the collecting basin.  Yum!

Before loading the frames, we cut off the wax cappings using a pronged fork or a hot blade.  We saved the wax for making candles. 

Eating honey as we go... makes for a giddy time!  I personally ate so much honey.  I think Josh did too :D  Dawn brought popcorn to make our favorite bee team snack (BEE CORN!)  While we were at it we sang songs with the word "honey" in them (Dawn definitely wins at this game) and invented our own when our sources ran dry.  So, all in all it was a good time for everyone.  Hope you can join us next year!

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