The Princeton BEE Team

Yellow is the new Orange.

Current Officers

  These people are responsible for keeping the BEE Team up and running. If you see them, say hello and give them a smile, and possibly a snack if you have one.


Sarah Bluher, ’14, is a geoscience student and is a fan of bees, but has never actually kept them herself – until now!  She lives next door to a “honey farm” in Maryland, where an old schoolteacher likes to quiz her customers on how much change they should get back… taking into account the 10 cents cash-back if you return old jars, it can be pretty tricky. But definitely worth it because the honey is delicious.  


Lily Dattilo, '16, a honey enthusiast from Pittsburgh, PA, has been fascinated by beekeeping since her Winnie-the-Pooh-watching days. Interested in majoring in either Computer Science or Chemistry, she enjoys being outside, traveling, and carpentry. She loves bees and the feeling appears to be mutual, as she has never been stung by one.

Albert Choi, '14, is a junior in the Classics department pursuing a certificate in Finance. He loves the social structure of bees as well as their delectable honey. His first experience with bees (besides beting stung from time to time) was Fall 2012. Albert also serves as the President of Business Today, and in his spare time loves learning languages and is an avid foodie.


Ben Denzer, '15, is interested in old books, maps, art, and graphic design, and plans on majoring in architecture at Princeton. He designed our logo. Check out the other cool stuff he's made at


Nadirah Mansour,’14 is a Near Eastern Studies major who loves bees! A second generation beekeeper (her dad made her  start when she was 9), she likes to read, run, and pretend she’s Oscar Wilde.



Eric Peñalver, '13, is a is a chemical engineering student coming from an ancestral line of beekeepers in the Spanish countryside. He had also never seen the inside of a hive until 2010. He's fairly bad at submitting bios.



 Hannah Safford, ’13, is a chemical engineering student from San Francisco. She had no prior experience with bees before coming to Princeton, although at age 7 she was stung by a bee eating a piece of spilled tuna fish off her leg. Twelve years later, she recovered enough to join BEE team.  



Louisa Willis, '16, was initially interested in beekeeping because she thought it likely that FDR was a beekeeper on the side. She is from Seattle, likes to play poker, and rows for the Princeton crew.




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