The Princeton BEE Team

Yellow is the new Orange.

Past Officers

Michael Smith (BEE Team founder), '10, spent the first year after graduating from Princeton doing a year of honeybee research at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, focusing on transmission of the fungal pathogen Nosema ceranae. He's now in graduate school at Cornell University in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior working with bees, because they rock. Mike is also the founder of College Beekeeper, an organization designed to help students get beekeeping initiatives started at their own schools.

Kelsey Brooks, '11, majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton and is currently pursuing a Masters in City and Regional Planning at Rutgers University. Sadly, there are no beekeeping opportunities buzzing in her near future, but she plans to come back and visit her Princeton bees often while still in New Jersey. 


Katie Mumma, '11, majored in Art History at Princeton and is currently employed at Oak Knoll School, a private school in Summit, NJ. She spends her time in the school's development department working on fundraising campaigns. She has fond memories of doing the same thing for the BEE Team. 




Dawn LaValle, is a past Graduate Student in Classics and Hellenic Studies, became interested in bees when she got a chance to spend a year as an apprentice beekeeper while living at a Catholic women’s monastery.  Dawn currently resides in Oxford and we hope she returns soon to visit!


Elizabeth Sajewski, '13, is an environmental engineering major who enjoys studying water, concrete, and all manner of apian puns. When she is not too beezy with her rug-bee team, Elizabee, as she is known to her bee-keeping companions, loves to buzz around the hive and eat copius amounts of honey.



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